Domestic Violence Attorney

Crimes of domestic violence are abusive acts committed between members of the same family or household. Depending on the circumstances involved, courts may issue a protective order or a peace order in domestic violence situations. It is important to understand the terms of these orders because violating the terms constitutes a separate criminal offense. Those in a domestic relationship may seek a protective order from the court to prohibit another person in the relationship from making contact or taking certain actions.

Maryland law allows someone to seek an order against a current or former spouse, a person related by blood, marriage or adoption, a person with whom they have parented a child, a person with whom they have had an intimate relationship for at least three months during the past year, a step-parent or step-child with whom they have resided for at least three months of the past year, a person they have had sex with during the past year, or another person sharing a caretaker/vulnerable adult relationship. Terms of the protective order will vary according to the petition and circumstances. An order may require the other party to stay out of a home, refrain from all contact, and temporarily lose custody of shared children and pets.

Those who are seeking protection from unwanted contact but who lack the degree of relationship required for a protective order may seek a peace order. Whether seeking an order of protection or defending against an order, Sean has successfully worked with clients across Maryland on these issues.